Now you are probably asking yourself, what in the world is Vidgeting?  Simply put, vidgeting is the process of creating a video that can be inserted into any location on any page like a widget is for websites, augmented by your video editing software to stream multiple vidgets together for a more dynamic and powerful message and doing so with no loss of quality in your message by making them short and right to the point!

Your imagination is the only restriction in how you use this technology, but we’re introducing a new paradigm and technology like no other.  These short video clips are designed to pull in the reader, to get them excited and best of all, to generate revenue!  You could also use these video’s for any other purpose you decide, but the best news, we provide a template of a vidget where YOU customize each by adding images, text or color changes to fit your style and your branding.

Are you ready to get started? Click on the Shop menu to get right into it and open your mind to all the possibilities to get your message across in a very Xtreme way, using Vidgeting!


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