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We offer numerous computer-related services in order to differentiate ourselves from the competition, provide affordable solutions and assist our customers in being as successful as possible.

The computer industry requires a great deal of experience. Installing new systems and servicing existing systems are a significant part of our business. Tending to your computer needs, is our business and we look forward to helping you succeed!  Here are some of the services we can provide to you:

  • Hardware and Software Upgrades for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • Affordable Website designs and hosting services.  Our prices are unmatched by others.  Websites are not just for businesses, they are for special projects, blogs and photo galleries you want to put up online.  They could also be a public way to promote your skills, like a resume for markets you may be interested in and what the “global” exposure without the cost.
  • Networking computers to take advantage of internet access or communication and file sharing.  File Sharing, Printer Sharing, wired or even wireless.
  • High Speed Internet Access – Know what your options are and who provides the best service for upload and download speeds.  Reliability is equally important to speed!
  • Intranet Websites for improved data communications and sharing
  • Website Templates – want to build your own site, here are some templates to choose from.
    osCommerce Templates
  • Icons – Perhaps you have a website and need some special icons to improve the look and feel?
    Icons Wind
  • Logos – Have a business or starting one and trying to decide what kind of logo to use?
    Custom Logo Design

Our Rates as of January 1, 2016
* All contracts are now taxable in the state of North Carolina – taxes “not” included in prices below. 

  • Upgrade your computer software from the internet (Microsoft). $35 per hour. (Requires high-speed internet access. If you haven’t been faithful in obtaining the latest fixes and critical updates, this process can take several hours to complete. But they are available to help secure your computer and its data.
  • Website Hosting (unlimited disk space), 2,500 POP3 Email Accounts $10.95/month. Use this for business or pleasure. e-Commerce capabilities – setup fee independent of hosting or design, Guest Book ($50), Visitor Counter (free), ftp access, frontpage extension support, cgi and many reports to keep track of visitors. New or Renewal of Domain Names as low as $15 per year.
  • New Websites $499 – We’ll tailor your site specifically to your needs. We guarantee the lowest price to build your website. Includes search engine submission, file uploads and design time. Note: this offer includes the following options: 1 Domain Name, 1 Hosting Account, 5 Email Accounts Setup, 3 webpages (Home, About Us, Contact Us) and 6 images (to be placed where you choose) and the administrative actions required to acquire, pay and configure a new website. Images provided by client based on our recommendations for size and usage on website. Website design is the most expensive part of the project – providing more information and great quality images is key to this process to save you money and time needed to go live!
  • Website Yearly Service Contract $595 – For updating your website on a  (2 hrs) monthly or (6 hrs) quarterly basis.  Includes: Automatic renewal processing of hosting, domain(s) and annual billing.  Average renewal cost is: $150/yr
  • Software Maintenance Contract $395 – For updating your computers software on a monthly basis – Requires high-speed internet access for most software. This contract is to ensure your computer is protected by anti-virus software and you have the latest security patches for your operating system.  Expires: 1 year from purchase date.
  • 10 hour Maintenance Contract $295 – 10 hours of support or website updates. Expires: 1 year from purchase date.
  • 20 hour Maintenance Contract $550 – 20 hours of support or website updates – a $200 savings. Expires: 1 year from purchase date.
  • Computer Software Tutoring $35/hour – additional fee may be imposed for locations further than 10 miles.
  • Website Search Optimization Contract $125 – 3 1/2 hours Quarterly – Includes verifying/updating keywords, page content, re-submission to search engines and result analysis reporting.
  • Domain Names as low as $15 year. This is a must for any business. Get your domain name today and be exposed to millions of potential viewers.
  • Advertising Space on our website.  We provide the space for advertising your website.  Location can be on our homepage or other pages.  To find out about our rates and terms, contact us today!

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